Revd. Trevor’s Letter


From a tiny seed……

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin…..”  (Zechariah 4.10 NLT)

People have been harvesting grain since about 9000 BC, yet, in 2021, it’s still a wonder to watch the ingathering of grain and vegetables in the farms and fields surrounding our three parishes – and that so much abundance should be drawn from such a tiny sowing of seed; and, that each individual seed should have the sophistication and power within itself to multiply in abundance.

“He does not understand how it happens….”

This is one of the strangest of Jesus’ parables. It’s not the Parable of the Sower but a lesson in the biology of growth. The punchline, for me, in its telling, is the inability of the farmer to get his head round what has happened.

The second point is the feeling that the seed has its own intelligence built into it – the grain knows what to do and when to do it.

In this way Jesus, the Galilean Rabbi, teaches his disciples and followers a profound spiritual principle. The Lord is able to put something in us, which, of itself, knows how to make us grow and be fruitful. Yet we cannot understand the power which is working in us. The seed for us is the Holy Ghost.

Abundant growth in the Lowton & Golborne Team

Sometime ago, the Team started a Messy Church in the Community Hall by St Mary’s Church.  No-one could have anticipated how the tiny seed planted there would flourish. There has been a consistent flow of children and parents into this work; amazingly inspired leaders and skilled workers. On one occasion, the Hall was filled with 150 people; and the work is still thriving!

Lights will guide you home…

For me, Messy Church and other breakthroughs in our church life are lights sent from the Lord Himself; as if He says: “I have done this, and I can do it again and again, and bigger and bigger, if you will trust Me”

Quaker Christians in the 1600s taught us to seek that Inner Light and to wait on it.  All of us can know that seed within us, which takes us beyond anything we could have anticipated – it is the Spirit of God who is beyond our understanding, and has deigned to live within us and guide us home.

A big harvest “thank you!”

 Over the recent months, Jonathan and I have been amazed at the contribution to the Team Ministry coming from all three churches. The Wardens, the PCCs, and the volunteers who cover so many vital tasks, and who make our bit so much easier. The range of gifts, skills and knowledge in the Team workforce is staggering, and also hugely encouraging for the future! It is plain that we have an exciting potential as those gifts within us germinate and increase. May the Lord, who has been so faithful to us, continue to abundantly bless us. Amen.